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Wednesday 11 July 2012

A Week of Training in the Life of Professional Athlete, Michael Skinner

After interviewing professional athlete, Michael Skinner, we decided to put together a typical weeks training program courtesy of the man himself...

Typical Weeks Training for Michael

Monday: AM 60 mins run (9-10 miles) PM 30 mins run (4-5 miles) followed by some gym exercises and a core workout.

Tuesday: AM 30 mins run (4-5 miles) PM Track session e.g. 8x1k off a minute recovery or 2k (3 mins recovery) 5x400 off a minute (3 mins recover) then repeat it all again.

Wednesday: AM 60 mins run (9-10 miles) PM 30 mins run (4-5 miles) followed by core exercises.

Thursday: AM Tempo run. Running 30 mins using a heart rate monitor. I normally run with my heart rate between 165-175 bpm which is somewhere between 5.10 and 4.55 minute mile pace for me. PM 30 mins run (4-5 miles)

Friday: AM 30 mins run (4-5 miles) PM Physio or massage

Saturday: AM: Session of hills and tempo. Eg 10 minute tempo, 5 x 45 seconds hill sprints and repeat it all or 15 minute tempo, 8 x 30 secs hill sprints, 15 minuet tempo PM 30 mins run (4-5 miles)

Sunday: AM Long run of anywhere between 90 mins to 2 hours (14-19 miles)

Total weekly mileage: Between 90 - 100 miles

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