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Friday 29 June 2012

Building an Aerobic Base (by the athletes who know how) By David Griffin

Michael Skinner and Andrew Rayner, two friends and Club team mates of mine, have had fantastic success as Endurance athletes. Michael is a GB international XC runner and is regularly a high finisher in the European and World XC Championships. Last month, both Michael and Andrew were in the winning team event for the London Bupa 10k.

Michael stated: "I have had a bit of a torrid time with injury and illness over the past 12 months, so my aims are just to get back racing and being competitive. I want to run a 10k road race and then have a short track season where I will run some 5k's and 1500's before doing the 10,000m at the Olympic Trials.
Beyond that, I would like to then begin preparation for my Marathon debut - which could well be at Berlin in September - with the aim there of qualifying for the Great Britain team for next year’s World Championships.
Having represented Great Britain at 5 World and 5 European Cross-Country Championships, I would like to go to major track championships before I finish my career and, even though the marathon is on the road, I would count that!"

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