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Monday 16 July 2012

Train like athlete, Andy Rayner. By David Griffin

Andy Rayner's Personal Best of 14:19 and 30:56 for 5 and 10k (as well as his top 20 finish in this years National XC Championships) make him one of the UK’s leading middle/long distance athletes. Like Michael Skinner's training program, the important speed sessions have been included - yet there is also a major emphasis on covering a minimum of 70 miles per week. Here is a typical week's training schedule for Andy Rayner in preparation for the 5000m:

Monday: Am: 30 mins easy Pm: 40 mins steady

Tuesday: Am: 30 mins easy Pm: Track session 5x1km (3 mins jog recovery)

Wednesday: Pm: 60 mins easy

Thursday: Am: 30 mins easy Pm: 30 mins Tempo run

Friday:  Am: 45 mins easy

Saturday: Am: Track session 12x 400m (1 minute recovery)

Sunday: Am: 90 mins steady
Total weekly mileage: Between 70 - 90 miles

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