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Tuesday 24 July 2012

Running to Work during the Olympics: Tips by Personal Trainer, David Griffin

If you want to lose weight and get fit fast then running is the best exercise to participate in. There can be no argument that running - the exercise that is so natural to all of us - is the most efficient calorie burner and most efficient at developing cardiovascular fitness. So, if you live within a 1-5 mile radius of work (or even further, if you are really keen) then get your running trainers on!

Building Up
It takes time to gain decent running fitness, particular from scratch. However, you have to be patient and keep trying. Plan a route in advance and a weekly schedule. The route, if possible, should be as off-road as it can be. So always try to make full use of the parks located in and around London. This will not only make your route more enjoyable, it will also reduce injury. Run within yourself, relax and don’t worry about other runners around you. Everyone has a starting point so go by how you feel, rather than time. Remember the Olympic spirit...It’s the taking part that counts!

Tempo Running
As your fitness levels develop...Out comes the stopwatch.  It is good every now and again to push the boundaries. You will not develop fully as a runner just by running slowly. Running that little bit faster every now and again will develop a different energy system. The important thing to remember during a tempo run is that it is a hard effort for the full distance, not a flat out sprint for 100m and then crawl the last 3 miles. You need to judge the pace right so that your speed is continuous over the full distance and you are working about 80-90% of maximum effort.

Fartlek Running
I am a massive fan of fartlek training. It plays a particularly important role if you participate in intermittent effort sports like football, rugby, tennis, boxing etc. Fartlek training involves a steady paced run with efforts during the run. The efforts can range from short sprints to prolonged efforts, according to your fitness levels and requirements. A great way to train like this is to use markers at the side of the road, such as lampposts or use trees in the park.  For example, you can run to work running steadily for 3 lampposts and then run fast in-between 2 lampposts. Corinthia Hotel London is ideally located to make full use of this training. I would also look at using the River Thames as a great way to train. You can go hard from bridge to bridge and then recover between the next bridges. St James, Green Park and Hyde Park are also close by, which makes for ideal running training.

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